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Guidelines To Become a Foster Parent

Criteria and steps for becoming a foster and adoptive parent:

If you want to adopt, the process also includes:

Foster and adoption costs

The department does not charge a fee to become a licensed foster parent or adoptive parent. The family is required to show sufficient income to meet the needs of their family and any additional children placed in the home. Each family must complete a physical exam which is at the expense of the family. Should there be issues which prevent licensure identified in the fire and sanitation inspections, those repairs are at the expense of the applicant before proceeding with the study process. *An attorney is required at the time of the legal finalization of the adoption. If the child adopted is a special needs child, the family may be eligible to receive some reimbursement of those legal fees. *South Carolina also has private adoption agencies licensed to place children for adoption. Each agency sets their fee schedule.

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